MagicFund is here to turn crowdfunding on its head

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We recently sent this press release around the world. Thanks for being on our site!

MagicFund, Inc. has just released its crowdfunding app for iOS. MagicFund helps create your audience and generate publicity for your fund.

Once users download the app, they set a fund goal and record a fund message. Similar to other crowdfunding platforms, fundraisers do not have to hit their fund goal to receive donations given to their fund. However, MagicFund is truly different in one, very specific way – it encourages other users, people not crowdfunding, to browse the app and share funds on social media. For every donation that comes from sharing a fund, those people will receive a commission as a reward.

Sounds interesting, yes? It’s what makes MagicFund a new model for crowdfunding. With a financial incentive to share and publicized crowdfunding campaigns, MagicFund is counting on their crowdfunders to receive even more publicity and donations than they ever could by simply trying to do it all by yourself. However, people wanting to crowdfund in a more traditional way can simply create and share their fund online with friends. The extra donations from the sharing, usually by people crowdfunders have never met, are consideredthe icing on the cake.

From the beginning of MagicFund’s development, the share and commission concept was based on a belief that MagicFund will assist its fundraisers, unlike any other crowdfunding platform. Matt Pembroke, MagicFund’sfounder, is dedicated to improving the crowdfunding experience, “right now,crowdfunding is a noble concept that’s helpful for people with a large personal network, people to call on through extensive social media. It’s a great old concept, neighbors helping neighbors. With MagicFund, we’re incentivizing complete strangers to explore and support worthy crowdfunding campaigns for people who need help but don’t have a large social network.”

Much of the crowdfunding world has settled after a flurry of new apps and companies in the last 10 years. However, MagicFund is ready to change the conversation about the crowdfunding platform playing a part in generating support and publicity to help funds raise even more money.

CMO, Matt Burkhead was intrigued by the idea when Pembrokeapproached him about the app, “The idea was so novel and different, that’s the first thing that came to mind when Matt [Pembroke] pitched me the idea. Using natural incentives to generate more donations for fundraisers is a great concept. Matt [Pembroke] stumbled on a simple way to indirectly generate excitement and even more donations for our users.”

Founded in 2018 in the Chicago area, MagicFund is a small company with an eye towards personal service and a caring touch to introduce a new way to help people crowdfund.

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